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Product Categories

  • Double zero foil for its excellent characteristics, widely used. Double zero foil is thin, mainly used in the packaging industry.


    Single zero foil for its excellent characteristics, widely used. Single zero foil is thin, mainly used in the packaging industry.


    Foil has a high thermal conductivity and low density, light weight, and it is widely applied to the heat radiating fins in the air conditioner.

  • For light reflection, astigmatism boards



  • 2013.06.18



  • 2013.06.18



  • Video

    Video makes a general reference to a series of various kinds of techniques in which a series of static images are seized, recorded, processed, stored, transmitted and reproduced in the manner of electric signals.

  • Service

    We will create services as needed and provide users with product demands in different fields with an attitude of continuous practical innovation and strict process management of seamless joint.

  • Recruit

    Sincerely hope that more colleagues to join with development potential, let us make progress and grow, and create dreams.

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